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Beauty Mark Ink’s Favorite Tools and Products

This is the first in a series of blog posts featuring Beauty Mark Ink artists’ favorite things. Our first featured artist is Vanessa!

Vanessa is a Makeup Artist and owner of Beauty Mark Ink, and she has been doing makeup for 7 years. Here are Vanessa’s top 3 makeup must haves:

1. Beauty Blender

Why Vanessa loves it: “The Beauty Blender evenly applies makeup to create a natural skin like finish.”

A Beauty Blender is an alternative to the traditional makeup sponge. It is used damp to apply foundation or blush. The larger side is great for the large planes of the face, forehead and cheeks and the smaller end is best for hard to reach places like the creases of the nose or around the eyes.

2. Primers

Why Vanessa loves it: “Primers smooth the skin to create an even canvas for your makeup application.”

Primers can be for the face or eyelids. Primers for the face will fill in pores and fine lines  so that foundation goes on smooth and even. Some primers for the face will also come in colors to counteract uneven skin coloration. Yellow primers work  great to balancing red in the cheeks and around the nose and chin. Primers for the eyes will keep shadow and eyeliner in place all day. Some eye primers come in colors to help intensify eyeshadow colors, great for dramatic evening looks.

3. Face to Face Super Matte Anti-Shine

Why Vanessa loves it: “This is the best product I have found to combat oiliness. I find that it works better when applied after makeup.”

Face to Face Super Matte Anti-Shine is a light oil controlling gel. It comes in three sheer tones for all skin colors. It has traditionally been used by professionals to control the shine caused by the bright lights on movie and tv sets. It can be used alone or mixed in with your regular foundation.

Stay tuned for more favorites from our team of amazing hairstylists and makeup artists!!

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