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Traditional foundation vs Airbrush foundation


Makeup today has evolved so far from the last 20 years, where a slick and oily foundation with pink undertone seemed to be our only option.  Now we have a wide range of products at our disposal, including traditional foundations such as liquid, mineral, pressed, etc.  There is also a more modern technique known as airbrush makeup application.  One of the most often asked questions is: “what is the difference between traditional and airbrush”?

Let’s start with what is traditional makeup and what is airbrush:

different-types-of-foundation-makeup11. Traditional foundation can come in the form of pancake, stick, liquid, cream, mineral, pressed powder, or even foam foundation.  It is more opaque and has a richer coverage.  It can be applied with various forms of “foundation” brushes, sponges.  Some even apply with their fingers, (although we don’t recommend.  Fingers are great for “quick blending” in smaller areas).  They can all provide different levels of coverage from sheer, light, medium, to full coverage depending on your skin type, and preference.

airbrush-makeup1-272x300 2. Airbrush Foundation is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a mate finish.  The airbrush gun sprays a very fine mist to the skin using a small  com- pressor with gentle air pressure.  It’s like tiny little pixels being applied as opposed to big block of color. It mimics skin, more than any traditional makeup.  It should not be confused with airbrush used in photography, which is actually a technique used in PhotoShop, a photo alteration program that can erase  just about anything (like wrinkles, scars, etc.).  Any makeup can conceal any unwanted color, but can not remove the texture of scars, wrinkles, acne, etc.  There are two main formulas available, water based and silicone based.  Water based is best for oily skin, and gives more of a matte finish.  Silicone base is a lighter, dewier alternative.  There is also alcohol based, but this is never used on the face.  It is reserved for body painting or in a brides case to conceal a tattoo.

So what do we recommend?   Airbrush.  As artist we want to ensure our client looks natural, yet has the coverage needed to ensure she is photo ready.  We also want our makeup application to be long lasting and beautiful.  Since every client is different, and have different skin types and preferences we carry various types of foundation and brands.  Depending on our clients skin needs we determine the best technique and product.  Having said, whenever possible we recommend our clients use airbrush foundation.  We typically use Temptu or Makeup Forever HD foundation (which can be combined with a mixing medium for airbrush application) which is a silicone based formula.

Why do we recommend it……

1. Its non-transferable and water resistant –  Meaning that slight rubbing or brushing against something or someone will not cause the makekup to come off.

2. More “skin like” in appearance – Because it is a fine mist applied to the skin it closely mimics skin and makes blending a breeze!  Carrying it down to the neck and décolleté is smooth and seamless.

3. Lightweight – Airbrush makeup is a much finer product, thinner than a traditional foundation.  So our clients love how light it feels, and often express they feel like they are not wearing any makeup at all.  (Due the light coverage, we do still have to conceal and/or color correct prior to airbrush application when necessary).  Airbrush makeup should never be applied heavily.

4. Long lasting – Airbrush makeup can last the entire day!  14-16 hours.  Just take a look at some of our reviews!

During your trial/consultation with your artist we will ask a few questions about your skin and determine what is the best option for you!  Feel free to ask your artist any questions you may have or let her know what your personal preferences are.  The important thing is to feel like yourself, yet special for your wedding day.  Rest assured you will look and feel your very best!

The Beauty Mark Ink team…..




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